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Allan Horton and Eli Beukes, the only takers up west this past Sunday | Photo © Alan van Gysen

Not Really A Wave


There are a couple of deterrents when it comes to this chunk of reef near Cape Columbine up the West Coast. Thick kelp. Staunch take-off. The unshakable feeling that you're a giant lure bobbing around inside a very deep bay. Perhaps the greatest deterrent, however, is the fact that it isn't really a wave. Well, for stand-up surfers at least. The pack of bodyboarders who pioneered the place don't seem too perturbed by the exposed boulders in the middle of the take-off zone. Pull up here on a solid swell, and you will see them taking-off behind the ledge and pulling into cavernous tubes a hair's breadth away from dry rock.

Eli Beukes didn't get quite as deep but gave it a solid crack this past weekend.

According to photographer Alan van Gysen, it was the best effort he's seen out there by a standup – for now. Take a scroll through the gallery below and stay tuned for more Sessions.


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