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Friday 5 May saw sublime conditions at Sunset Reef in Cape Town, South Africa, to usher in the Southern Hemisphere winter. The local big-wave crew would no doubt classify this a "fun" day to clear the cobwebs, but there were a few waves of consequence and even the odd barrel or two. While Dungeons (located across the bay) undoubtedly holds more size, Sunset has yet to be ridden to its full potential and locals like Matt Bromley claim it is capable of delivering gigantic tubes on par with waves like Jaws on the right swell - if you can physically paddle into it. Regardless, this warm-up session bodes well for South Africa's big wave winter ahead.

A Now Now Media Production

Filmed and produced by: Alan van Gysen

Edited by: Will Bendix

Executive Producer: Ryan Franklin

Additional cinematography: Steve Benjamin


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